Hamlet Broadway Show
Mathew Newton
Hamlet Broadway Show
Anna Savant as Gertrude Matthew Newton as Hamlet Collin Biddle as Claudius

The King of Denmark is dead. His widow Queen Gertrude has quickly married his brother Claudius, usurping her son’s right to the throne.

Hamlet. The immortal tale of a vengeful prince, possibly driven to madness by the world around him. Starring Matthew Newton, this New York production is a bold new interpretation of William Shakespeare's most famous play and literature's most infamous character.


Treasure House Theater’s presentation of Hamlet features, in alphabetical order, Collin Biddle as Claudius, Allyson Boate as Ophelia, Victor Carinha as Guildenstern, Michael Knowles as Rosencrantz, Kyle Leibovitch as Horatio, Matthew Newton as Hamlet, Blake Prentiss as Laertes, Tom Sanchez as First Player, Anna Savant as Gertrude, and Henry Wright as Polonius.

A Treasure House Theater Production


Hamlet is...

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in it." - Hamlet

by Who Is Hamlet

HAMLET TRIVIA: Why doesn't Hamlet kill Claudius now?

by Who Is Hamlet

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